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ELSA Kielipalvelut specialises in Finnish to English and English to Finnish translations. Texts can be translated and proofread according to the rules of British or American English, depending on the customer's wishes or the target group of the text.

In addition, customers may also request translation services in other languages, e.g. Swedish, Russian, German and Chinese. All documents are translated into the required languages swiftly, efficiently and competently.

One of our core values, excellent availability, enables close cooperation and ensures that all translation orders and inquiries are swiftly responded to and even the most urgent translations are carried out efficiently. Customers may always request for proofreading by a native speaker and our experts are available to assist with the finishing touches on the final text, if needed.

In a global world and our multicultural society, it is increasingly important to be able to reach customers and partners in a number of different languages. For example, companies and communities that are looking to expand their customer base abroad often encounter the need to translate marketing and communication material or websites into foreign languages. This need is best met by utilising the services of competent, professional translators, who possess both language skills and experience from different kinds of translation assignments.

Contact us, if you wish to inquire about our range of languages, request a price quote or order a translation!

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