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ELSA Kielipalvelut

ELSA Kielipalvelut is a Finnish translation company specialising in Finnish-English-Finnish translations and proofreading. The company also offers localisation and language consultation services.

ELSA Kielipalvelut is spearheaded by its founder Satu Heikkinen (M.A.) who has more than 9 years of diverse language and translation experience. She has worked with texts in higher education and research, as well as marketing and information material, brochures, websites and media releases for companies, universities and public organisations, in addition to texts in the fields of social and health care as well as legislation.

ELSA Kielipalvelut works in cooperation with an extensive network of translators, which allows our customers to reach a number of experts in different languages and fields through a single contact person.

ELSA Kielipalvelut is a member of The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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ELSA Kielipalvelut
Suunnistajantie 13 C 17
FI-70200 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. +358 45 318 9701
satu.heikkinen [at]